• Gyratory vibrating sieve

Gyratory vibrating sieve

Product description/ Product description


HXSJ series Gyratory vibrating sieve, also known as GyraSift Machine,Gyratory screen,gyratory sifter , etc., is a high-standard fine screening machine developed by the domestic ROTEX vibrating screening technology. Its design is the most effective simulation at present. The effective principle of artificial sieving movement (screening accuracy, efficiency, and screen life are 5-10 times that of conventional round screen), which meets all fine and ultra-fine range of powder and particulate materials, especially suitable for difficult materials.


  1. High screening efficiency and high screening accuracy
  2. the processing volume is several times or more of the universal vibrating screen
  3. unique screen tensioning device, high utilization rate of screen, long service life of screen
  4. small footprint, easy to install and use
  5.  strong processing capacity, easy to use in assembly line production
  6. no pollution, work noise fine screening machine features low sound, new environmental protection

Working Principle

Gyratory vibrating sieve , which is mainly composed of components such as screen box, driving device, sieve frame, support frame and vibration damping device.

  1. The Gyratory vibrating sieve box comprises a sieve frame, a screen mesh, a sieve grid, a spring card and a bouncing ball, etc., wherein the screen frame is provided with upper and lower screens, and the screen mesh is arranged on the periphery of the sieve grid. The spring card is tensioned on the sieve grid, and the bouncing ball is placed in the square of the sieve grid;
  2. The driving device comprises a driver, a motor, a locking sleeve, a locking round nut, a stopping washer and a taper sleeve, wherein the taper sleeve is fixed on the screen frame, and the driving shaft of the driver is arranged in the taper sleeve and is locked The sleeve is attached to fix its position. Compared with the existing screening machine, the fine screening machine of the utility model has the advantages of advanced structure and practicality, stable and reliable performance, convenient installation and debugging, and low manufacturing cost.

Technical parameter








feeding size









1000X1400 63.5 1.5 960 1-3 <15 715


1000X2100 63.5 2.2 960 1-3 <15 980


1000X3000 63.5 2.2 960 1-3 <15 1200


1500X2100 63.5 3 960 1-3 <15


HXSJ1500X3000 1500X3000 76 4 960 1-3 <15


HXSJ1500X3600 1500X3600 76 5.5 960 1-3 <20


HXSJ1800X3600 1800X3600 76 7.5 960 1-3 <20


HXSJ2000X5000 2000X5000 92 11 960 1-3 <20



Gyratory vibrating sieve is mainly used in various industries such as grain, food, chemical, sugar, ceramsite, mining, medicine, metallurgy, building materials, mining, papermaking, etc. It is an efficient screening equipment.

Gyratory vibrating sieve

Gyratory vibrating sieve

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