• DZC vertical elevator 

DZC vertical elevator 

Product description/ Product description


DZC vertical elevator is made up of tank, vibration motor, damping system and so on. It uses vibration motor as the power source, transporting the materials along the slotted helix upward by taking advantage of synthetic amplitude of the two motors. It can be made into an open or closed structure according to different requirements.

The machine conveys material by down-up and up-down two ways. It can be made into an open or closed structure according to different production processing requirements. Closed conveyor can effectively prevent harmful gases and dust from spilling. According to users’ needs , we can change the structure of the machine, so that you can accomplish cooling, drying, screening and other processes while transporting material.


  • Simple structure, easy to install and maintenance.
  • Low power consumption, small occupation, low investment.
  • Adjustable outlet.
  • Low consumption and noisy, environmental.
  • Two designs: all-closed design and open-type design.

Working Principle

Two vibration motors are used by DZC vertical elevator as the vibration source, the same model motors fixed in the lifting spout running along the opposite direction. The centrifugal force generated by the eccentric block of the vibration motor make reciprocating movement along the direction of throw, so the entire body supported in the shock absorber vibrates continuously, thus the material in the tank is moved upward.

Technical parameter

Type Capability(t/h) Diameter of Spiral chute


Lifting width


Lifting height




Double amplitude (mm) Power(kw) Weight(kg)
DZC300 ~1.0 300 77 ≤2.0 960 6~7 2*0.4 800
DZC500 ~2.0 500 140 ≤3.0 6~8 2*0.75 1150
DZC550 ~3.0 550 152 ≤3.5 6~8 2*1.5 1300
DZC600 ~3.0 600 163 ≤4.0 6~7 2*1.5 1500
DZC800 ~4.0 800 224 ≤4.5 6~8 2*2.2 1750
DZC850 ~4.0 850 224 ≤5.0 6~9 2*2.2 2300
DZC900 ~3.5 900 260 ≤6.0 6~9 2*3.0 2600
DZC950 ~4 950 290 ≤8.0 6~9 2*3.7 3200


DZC vertical elevator is suitable for powder, particle solid material of low viscosity. So it is widely used in machinery, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, rubber, plastics, light industry, pharmaceuticals, food processing, grain, military, and so on.

DZC vertical elevator 

DZC vertical elevator

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