• Z-type chain bucket elevator
  • Z-type chain bucket elevator

Z-type chain bucket elevator

Product description/ Product description


Z-type chain bucket elevator  is used for horizontal - vertical - horizontal transport of powdery, granular and small bulk materials. At present, it is mainly used to weigh the material of the packaging machine, the upper material of the screening machine and the check feed, the automatic production line of the three-dimensional circulation up and down. The main body frame can be made of carbon steel spray, 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel and other materials according to the requirements of use. The material bucket is made of modified plastic, carbon steel and stainless steel.


  1. Compact structure can be installed in restricted space with high productivity;
  2. Standard or customized structural boxes to meet the demand of large capacity to improve efficiency;
  3. The safety door has the function of keeping hygiene, convenient cleaning and easy to repair;
  4. The width of the hopper is similar to the width of the feeding port, but the length can be customized according to different requirements.
  5. The feeding port skirt structure is designed to prevent the overflow material from contacting with the mobile hopper.
  6. Different feeding devices can be configured according to different characteristics of conveying materials.
  7. The machine adopts PLC control and frequency control to realize intelligent unattended, thus saving manpower greatly.

working principle

Bulk materials are objects that are large and unquantifiable, such as powdery, granular, blocky, and so on. Z-type chain bucket elevator  is designed for conveying the repose of the material to design, material by vibration hopper of falling into a run, promoted after arrived at export using the material of the weight of the materials. This machine is designed to be driven by a special roller double speed chain, which can be delivered smoothly to any product.

Technical parameter

Feeder hopper volume: 105L.

Bucket volume:  1.8l.

Number of vehicles per minute: less than 70.

motor power: 0.37-15kw.

Feeding machine power: 750w.

Chassis material: Carbon steel spray, stainless steel wire drawing.

Material: food grade plastic, stainless steel, carbon steel.


Widely used in pet food, puffed food industry, feed industry, the candy industry, dry fields, health food, food finishing processing industry, military manufacturing, hardware dianliao, chemical industry and so on.

Z-type chain bucket elevator

Z-type chain bucket elevator

Z-type chain bucket elevator

Z-type chain bucket elevator

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