Automatic vacuum feeder

Product description/ Product description


Automatic vacuum feeder is a kind of by means of vacuum suction to transmit granular and powdered materials clean airtight pipeline equipment, using the vacuum pressure and environmental space, form gas flow inside the pipeline, drive the powder material movement, thus finish powder conveying.


        ■The whole airtight transportation, avoiding the dust, also fundamentally put an end to the influence of the outside on the material.

  ■The structure is simple, easy to disassemble and clean.

  ■The interior smooth without dead Angle, no material residue, in line with the state's requirements for medicine, food and military industry.

  ■There are few moving parts, running, maintenance, maintenance and low cost.

  ■With high degree of automation, it is easy to form automatic production process with upstream and downstream equipment.

  ■It can be used as the power source by vacuum pump, and the compressed air produced by the existing air compressor can be used as the power source.

  ■It is beautiful, generous and has a strong visual effect, which has a good effect on improving corporate image.

  ■It produces low noise, small vibration and small influence on upstream and downstream equipment.

Technical parameter
Automatic vacuum feeder by a vacuum pump (without oil and water), vacuum hopper, filter (with polyester coated filter, PE filter, filter 316 l stainless steel or titanium filter options), compressed air blowback device, pneumatic feeding gate device, material level automatic control device, stainless steel sucking nozzle, soft tube, etc

 Automatic vacuum feeder is to use vacuum pump suction, suction nozzle inlet and the whole system is in a vacuum state, powder material with outside air inhaled mouth, form the material flow, after absorbing material tube to the hopper, gas, material separation in the hopper. The separated material enters the receiving equipment. Feeding -- the discharge is accomplished through the continuous opening and closing of the pneumatic three-way valve, while the opening and closing of the pneumatic three-way valve is controlled by the cycle time relay.
Automatic vacuum feeder is equipped with compressed air blowing device, every time of feeding, compressed air pulse inverse blow filter bag, adsorbed on the powder on the surface of the bag to strike down, in order to ensure the normal operation of can absorb

Technical parameter

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(KW) Dimension(mm) Compressed

Air pressure

ZKS-1 400 1.5 Ф290*800 0.6MPa
ZKS-2 600 2.2 Ф290*800 0.6MPa
ZKS-3 1200 3 Ф290*950 0.6MPa
ZKS-5 2500 5.5 Ф420*1350 0.6MPa
ZKS-6 3200 5.5 Ф420*1450 0.6MPa
ZKS-7 6000 7.5 Ф420*1650 0.6MPa
ZKS-10-6 6000 7.5 Ф600*1500 0.6MPa
ZKS-20-5 6000 11.0 Ф800*1900 0.6MPa


The Automatic vacuum feeder can transport various materials to hopper, packaging machine, injection molding machine, crushing machine and other equipment.r, can also direct the blend material to the mixing machine (such as V type mixer, two dimensional mixer, three-dimensional mixing machine, etc.), reduce the labor intensity of workers, solve the problem when feeding dust spillover etc., is a pharmaceutical factory, food factory through the GMP certification, the first choice of promoting clean and civilized production.

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