• Dust-free feeding station

Dust-free feeding station

Product description/ Product description


Dust-free feeding station (also known as manual unpacking machine, manual unpacking station, manual unpacking station, manual feeding station, manual bagging station, dust collecting and unpacking station, dust collecting station, dust collecting bag station, unpacking station) , feeding station, bag dumping station, unloading station, bag opening station). The device is a manual device for manually pouring a small bag of powder or granular material into a downstream hopper. The manual dumping of the bag by manual unloading steps causes the material to fall into the storage hopper by gravity to complete the unpacking and unloading work. The device is equipped with a filter cleaning device and an exhaust fan for filtering dust generated during the dumping process and discharging the clean exhaust gas into the atmosphere, so that the artificial work can be easily performed in a clean environment.


The dust-free feeding station is suitable for the unpacking of bagged materials in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries;

The equipment is equipped with a dust removal function to prevent dust from flying during the unpacking process and reduce material loss;

A vibrating screen can be installed in the dust-free feeding station to effectively remove foreign matter in the material;

The equipment adopts intelligent control, high degree of automation and easy operation;

There is no dead angle design inside the equipment, easy to disassemble and clean;

The equipment design is fully compliant with GMP requirements;

Technical parameter

      1.Feeding specification: 0~50KG/Bag

      2. feeding method: single feeding port

      3.Material lifting: manual / lifting bucket / lift truck / forklift

     4. broken arch type: pneumatic high frequency vibration / activated hopper vibration

     5. backflush type: pneumatic pulse

     6.Optional equipment: iron remover / single layer vibrating screen / coarse crusher / bag collecting device / weighing and conveying / waste bag collection

      7.equipment material: carbon steel / 304 / 316L


Representing the world's advanced production technology and production equipment, especially for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, plastic, battery and other industries.

Dust-free feeding station

Dust-free feeding station

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