Transfer silo

Product description/ Product description


The turnover silo is also called the transfer silo, the turnover mobile silo, and the powder turnover hopper.

It is suitable for powder sealing and temporary transfer, effectively preventing dust from being polluted, powder storage safe, free from moisture, in line with GMP regulations, suitable for

pharmaceutical, food, energy, chemical, new materials and other industries, and diverse structures to meet user needs.


1.Made of stainless steel 304 or 316L, the cartridge body is strong enough to not deform

2.all the corners are R angle arc transition without dead angle, the powder is easy to flow without residue, easy to clean, beautiful appearance

3.With stamping and forming quick-opening clamp, with white silicone gasket, good sealing effect and easy disassembly silo with 4 PU casters (2 universal brakes), low light and low noise

5.According to the process requirements, it can be connected with the vacuum feeder, and the discharge port is equipped with the vacuum discharge device.

6.The arching device can be equipped with a motor vibrator and a pneumatic vibrator to break the arch block and keep the discharge continuity.

7.the ingredient level meter, accurate measurement of material flow, convenient automated ingredients

Technical parameter

Conventional Volume(L)
100 200 300 500 800 1000 1500 2000
The loading factor is designed to be 80% and supports customization.

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