• Tumbler Vibrating Sieve

Tumbler Vibrating Sieve

Product description/ Product description


The design of the circular rocking screen is a high-precision screening equipment specially designed according to the screening problem of the majority of users. It has the characteristics of large processing capacity and fine screening. It is designed according to the simplest manual screening movement principle. The points are both eyes gazing at both hands. The circular rocking screen is the mechanical simulation of this, it is the most effective simulation of the effective principle of artificial screening movement (screening accuracy, efficiency, screen life is 5-10 times that of conventional round screen), in line with all Fine and ultra-fine range of powder and particulate materials, especially suitable for difficult to handle materials.


  1. Up to 5 times the output per unit area, accurate to 6 levels of separation, screening efficiency as high as 90%-95%.
  2. High efficiency, exquisite design and durable, any powder, irregular shape particles can be sieved.
  3. The screen surface uses a high-efficiency cleaning device system such as silicone rubber ball and ultrasonic wave. The mesh hole will not be blocked, which effectively solves the problem of difficult screening.
  4. The mesh is not blocked, the powder is not flying, and it can be sieved to 500 mesh or 0.028 mm.
  5. Impurities and coarse materials are automatically discharged and can be operated continuously.
  6. Unique grid design, the screen is used for a long time, and the screen is fast, only 3-5 minutes.
  7. Small size, space saving and easy to move.
  8. The sieve machine can reach up to five layers, and it is recommended to use three layers.
  9. Acceleration is 4.5 times lower than vibrating screen, and the life of screening parts is improved and maintenance is reduced.

10. Noise <75 decibels, optimize the balance of equilibrium, and the dynamic load of the foundation is low.

Working Principle

The circular swaying screen is a kind of artificially oscillating low-frequency vibrating screen. The principle is that the instantaneous motion is a combination of a radial displacement and a circular motion with the displacement as the axis (spiral motion). The exciter that can adjust the eccentricity produces a nonlinear three-dimensional motion, and the material also produces the same approximate manual movement to achieve the purpose of screening, and the screening accessory can be used to obtain a more ideal screening effect; Balls that are spherical, cylindrical, flake, or even irregularly shaped and that require easy screening. The basic rotary motion is similar to manual screening. The eccentricity is adjustable from 25 to 40 mm, and the low-speed V-belt drive is adjustable from 120 to 360 rpm. The dwell time of each product can be adjusted by the radial and chamfer angles of the rocking screen toward the drive axis. So build a level and throw a three-dimensional rollover motion. The material is uniformly dispersed from the center to the outer edge on the entire screen surface to propagate axially in a spiral motion. The fine particles complete the entire screening process. The horizontal and vertical accelerations increase with the movement of the particles, and the particles close to the mesh size are successfully separated; the larger particles are transported to the outlet, and the flow is controlled by an adjustable guide that controls the material. Another factor in staying time. This process is repeated between each sieve layer.

Technical parameter

Model Area diameter Layer Power Cleaning method
YBS-1000 0.67 980 1-5 1.5/4 powerful silicone ball, rotating brush, ultrasonic, scraper
YBS-1200 1.13 1250 1-5 2.2/4
YBS-1600 1.83 1580 1-5 3/4
YBS-2000 2.63 1880 1-5 4/4
YBS-2600 5.3 2650 1-5 5.5/4


Widely used in chemical, food and fragrance, plastics, mining, pharmaceutical, wood and plywood, metallurgy, rubber, feed, fertilizer, sugar and salt industry, recycling industry

Tumbler Vibrating Sieve

Tumbler Vibrating Sieve

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