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There are many kinds of pulverizing equipment. How to choose the suitable pulverizer for ourselves is the most important task of powder production enterprises. As a leader in the industry, Yihu Machinery specially designs and manufactures ultra-fine pulverizer, ultra-fine pulverizer and ultra-fine pulverizer. Brief description of pulverizing equipment for production
I. Air Flow Mill
Airflow mill: also known as Jet mill, airflow ultra-fine grinder. With its unique working principle, airflow ultrafine grinder can process ultrafine powder of various materials dry, high purity and low temperature. The grinding process has no temperature rise, no pollution and little wear. It is especially suitable for ultrafine grinding of materials with low thermal sensitivity, low melting point and high purity. For flammable and explosive materials, inert gas can be used as working fluid to realize closed-circuit circulating comminution.
Feed: <3 mm, product: 2-74 um (6250-200 mesh)
Advantages: It is suitable for crushing materials with water content less than 1%. It is the equipment with the lowest energy consumption and the lowest loss for producing high purity and ultrafine powder. The air flow crushing process has low heat and can be protected by nitrogen.

2. Universal High Speed Vacuum Cleaning Crusher
Universal high-speed vacuum mill, also known as universal grinder, universal mill, high-speed grinder, is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, biology, food [sugar, salt, rice, corn, starch, oats], food additives (gelatin, bone glue, donkey-hide glue) and other powder industries. It is a continuous combination of grinding, dust absorption and discharging. Crushing equipment.
Feed: <50mm, product: 4-80 mesh.
Advantages: It is suitable for crushing materials with water content less than 10%, and has high crushing efficiency for fibrous Chinese herbal medicine, food, etc. It can be crushed by cooling water and cryogenic crushing at low temperature.

3. Vibration mill
2ZM series high efficiency vibration mill is a new type of high efficiency and energy saving grinding equipment. When grinding fine powder and superfine powder materials, it has obvious advantages over traditional rotary mill (efficiency increased by 2-5 times, energy consumption reduced by 20-30%). When grinding medium is ball, it is also called vibration ball mill. It is used for fine grinding, when grinding medium is bar, it is also called vibration bar mill. It is suitable for medium and fine grinding.
Feeding: <20mm, 80-6250 meshes of products, the production of ultra-fine products must be closed-loop system with air classifier.
Advantages: Water-cooled crushing, cryogenic crushing, wet crushing, very suitable for crushing fibrous materials, tough materials.
Suitable for crushing Chinese herbal medicine and chemical materials

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